Boosting IoT &
Big-Data Innovations

in African Tech Hubs

Our Vision

The vision of WAZIHUB is to exploit IoT potential and Big-Data technologies best-practices through the involvement of innovators . The project aims to enable the creation of a network of Open Hubs throughout Africa where:

1. Entrepreneurs and developers can be trained
2. Innovative IoT technology solutions can be adapted
3. New business can rise to match local service needs.

The Project

WAZIHUB (Open-Hub in Swahili) is an innovation project aiming at boosting IoT & Big Data innovations in Africa through African Tech Hubs. The project consortium is formed by 10 African partners and 4 European partners.

WAZIHUB brings experience to create a working environment to accelerate services based on collaborative knowledge generation and integration. The project uses a collaborative problem-solving and innovation approach to enable win-win outcomes for both EU and African partners while tackling key societal challenges and problems.

The project aims to iterate and extract value from value-added IoT innovative services based on the technologies developed in WAZIUP ( and FiWARE ( WAZIHUB exploits and shares IoT Technology