Innovation Competition

Announcing the selected innovators of our IoT Innovation Competition across 6 countries!

We are delighted to share the selected teams for the first IoT Prototyping Competition in 6 African countries!
For a period of 13 weeks, participants will learn and build IoT prototypes in 4 stages:

The following teams have been selected for their innovative ideas, the feasibility of the project and the core competencies of their team members.

Ghana hosted and trained by Kumasi Hive:

- Tech Catalyst
- Smart Sanitation Solutions
- FarmSens
- LouMar

Kenya hosted and trained by @ilabAfrica:

- Eng @ aviation
- People Locator
- Aspawa
- Tracktile
- Sustaina-Coin
- Usafi IoT

Uganda hosted and trained by Hive Colab:

- Nbrains
- Pregcare
- pkasemer
- Incotech Uganda
- kalasave

Senegal hosted and trained by SONATEL:

- Boki
- Conserv-Tout
- Sanar IoT
- O² Zone

South Africa hosted and trained by The MakerSpace:

- Mandisa
- Tech Inovators
- Congretype
- Oringo
- The Makers

Tanzania hosted and trained by DTBi and Buni Hub:

- Intelecs
- AgriTechs Company Limited

The WAZIHUB consortium wishes well to the 31 teams selected and encourages them to give their best to be among the 3 winners who will be given a € 1,000 award . In the weeks ahead, we will be publishing a series of one-on-one interviews with our participants. Keep checking our blog and social media for these profiles, and to stay up-to-date on the WAZIHUB Innovation Competition. Follow us to stay up to date with the innovation competition!