WAZIHUB makes available the opportunity for Nodes to gain access to resource to run the WAZIHUB program in their communities.

Members of a node become part of a vibrant ecosystem with invaluable support and the following:

- Free IoT dev kit & access to industry

- IoT Open API and Cloud platform

- Free training and IoT capacity building

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Smart glucose monitoring tool that will be used with a mobile application
Solution for precision farming to decrease the cost of farming and increase food production output per hectare
Automating farmer’s irrigation systems through the use of IoT and LoRa Technology
System that will be using the IoT to detect and prevent avoidable road accidents
Monitoring system for beekeeping farms to maintain conditions for good production of honey
Device to detect through sensors the appropriate water level PH, oxygen, turbidity
ASPAWA stations allow phone users to access power anytime on the go
Making and manufacturing of hydroponics systems for urban households interested in farming on small spaces around their houses
Precision agriculture using machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect crop diseases and remote monitoring of crops
Digital platform with soil database to determine the soil types and gives weather information used to recommend crops and fertilizers to farmers
Device that keeps track of the amount of time a patient/person has been stationary on a bed or seat and sends alerts or notifications to the caretaker
A wearable device to check the vitals (pulse, temperature and blood pressure)
Monitor health of a cow but also its feeding habit, fertility and the location in real-time
Web platform for agricultural analytics and farmers collaboration. A place for people to interact, share ideas and keep updated with current trends in agriculture
Interactive bin to be installed along the Durban beachfront in collaboration with Durban Solid Waste (DSW)
System using LoRa technology to detect water and sewage leaks
Remote monitoring of energy consumption of sites or homes by using arduino based smart meters
It stimulates occupation to discourage thieves and hooligans from considering your home as a potential target
Location of persons particularly in the event of a natural disaster
Pregnancy IoT Monitoring and Care System
Provision of smart bins which will alert collectors when full and says “Thank you” when refuse is dumped in it to help curb the issue littering
System for early detection of livestock theft
System for early detection of livestock theft
LUKU monitoring system with a capability of notifying customers on the amount of remaining electricity units through their mobile phone
Enables the user to book parking spaces at the comfort of the user’s destination
Enables the user to book parking spaces at the comfort of the user’s destination
Device that will aid visually impaired individuals to navigate their environs
Traffic management system that uses motion sensors and cameras to monitor traffic flow
Smart Trolleys, to avoid long queues in supermarkets with an integrated billing system