Champions of the Month August Release!!

Meet the WAZIHUB innovation project champions that are transforming their communities by innovating local solutions using Waziup IoT technology.

It’s been a series of champions that we would like to recognize that are transforming Africa. For the August Month our champions are from Hive colab- Uganda and iLab- Kenya.

iLab- Kenya

Automated Irrigation System (AIS): The IoT system proposed involves the realization of an automated irrigation system powered by LoRa technology. The solution is particularly suited for large scale farmers with large tracks of land to irrigate. The system collects soil moisture readings, pH levels, temperature and other readings and sends this data to the Waziup cloud platform. Integrated into the system is an automatic irrigation system that responds to soil moisture readings to automatically sprinkle the farm with the required amount of water. Agricultural readings collected from other sensors are also analyzed and analytics collected to better advise the farmer. Smart Parking System The solution is an IOT product that can sense free slots and send to a web interface that is controlled by the admin and the free slots are sent to another interface that is accessible to the user who can book a free slot and save so much time.

Hive Colab- Uganda

Smart waste control and management system A WAZIUP IoT innovation project of a smart waste bin with real time monitoring system which integrates multiple technologies such as solar system, sensors and wireless communication technologies. The aim of this project is to provide an efficient and cost-effective waste collection management system hence providing clean, healthy and green environment. This study proposed a new framework that enables remote monitoring of solid waste bin in real-time via Wi-Fi connection, to assist the waste management. The project aims at developing an efficient, cost-effective waste management system that will lead to a green and healthy living environment. Smart Waste Control


The proposed work will help in developing a compact assisting device for rural pregnant women in order to access the vital signs of the pregnant woman and her fetus with low cost using recent sensors and internet of things for personalized care. The measured parameters are transferred through IoT and it is viewed in the mobile phone.