Join Africa’s community for IOT enthusiasts!

Join Africa’s community for IOT enthusiasts!

Most Start-ups in Africa do not have the funds to develop competitive solutions for the go-to market that requires seed funds and technical training. The innovative projects are barely sustainable, often collapsing before project completion date.

Wazihub will exploit IoT potential and share the IoT technology best practices. It will involve innovation communities and stakeholders like young entrepreneurs, startups, developers, and innovation hubs from local districts, regional national and African-wide platforms. The project seeks to enable the creation of open huns throughout Africa where IoT technology solutions can be adapted to match local service needs.

Wazihub targets large scale, innovative users and usage of the IoT technology with a goal towards the sustainability and wider impacts of the proposed solutions. Sustainability is one of the main concerns of innovation projects therefore the consortium will jointly target finding more and more users around WAZIHUB and offering value to them based on their requirements; allowing them to easily tailor existing solutions to their needs.

WAZIHUB also plans to expand its reach and use of WAZIUP technology to Southeast and Southern Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South-Africa, Mozambique) and at the same time strengthen the activities and the strategic partnership within West Africa (Senegal and Ghana).

WAZIHUB project will officially launch in May in Uganda with support from the European Union. [To join WAZIHUB, kindly click on this link]

About WAZIUP IOT Project

The WAZIUP project , namely the Open Innovation Platform for IoT-Big Data in Sub-Saharan Africa is a collaborative research project using cutting edge technology applying IoT and Big Data to improve the working conditions in the rural ecosystem of Sub-Saharan Africa.

However, while tackling challenges which are specific to the rural ecosystem, it also engages the flourishing ICT ecosystem in those countries by fostering new tools and good practices, entrepreneurship and start-ups. Aimed at boosting the ICT sector, WAZIUP proposes solutions aiming at long term sustainability.

The consortium of WAZIUP involves 7 partners from 4 African countries and partners from 5 EU countries combining business developers, technology experts and local Africa companies operating in agriculture and ICT.

The project involves also regional hubs with the aim to promote the results to the widest base in the region. This project is wholly supported by European Union.