WAZIHUB Redbull Hackathon

Redbull Commissioned The MakerSpace to help them deliver a tech component to their Innovation Festival.

The event was held on Umlazi Sports field on and we had a good turn out from the community. 14 people registered for the Weather Hackathon, with approximately 20 people participating (they worked in teams).

The participants used a small wifi micro processor called Witty Cloud Board. This board has an ESP8266 breakout with built in LDR and RGB LED. This allows participants to connect the device and establish monitoring and display of sensor data without any external inputs required. A large majority of the time was used to guide participants through the process of setting up the devices.

They required installation of USB drivers, Arduino IDE software, Libraries and board profiles in Arduino IDE. The steps are recorded on www.themakerspace.co.za/hackathon. Arduino code for the basic functionality was provided. The expectation was that we could complete the basic functionality and connectivity in 3 hours leaving one hour for participants to improve their solution.

Approximately 7 devices were setup on the Waziup Dashboard and established connectivity and were able to post data from the LDR sensor. The primary benefit for participants was educational.

Attendees were from a diverse background, but a large majority were students studying Mechatronics and the local technical university. Other attendees were local students interested in IoT, and community members interested in weather monitoring.