iLabAfrica WAZIHUB Bootcamp

The @iLabAfrica WAZIHUB Bootcamp took place from 12th to 16th November 2018 at the @iLabAfrica Research Centre, located in Strathmore University in Nairobi, Kenya.

The bootcamp consisted of 5 days of introduction and practical application of the WaziUp platform. This was based on the development of IoT solutions using 2 themes: Agriculture and Environmental Monitoring. A total of 30 participants attended the training.

Participants were expected to come up with concrete ideas for challenges they identified among the agriculture and environmental monitoring themes in groups. They would then be judged based on predetermined metrics at the end of the program. This was meant to test whether they had understood how to apply the Waziup technology.

The objectives of the 5-day training were:

  • - To introduce the Waziup IoT ecosystem.
  • - To enable participants to jumpstart their IoT ideas.
  • - To discuss emerging trends in cloud computing aligned with IoT.
  • - To introduce interested participants to the WAZIHUB Accelerator program.

Being the very first bootcamp @iLabAfrica, the research centre received facilitators and trainers from Italy, Ghana and Senegal.

Participants were given a brief about the program, overview of IoT use cases and later introduced to the WaziUp IoT platform. They were able to interact with the kit, learn and discover the technical components such as sensors, explore the LoRa network and WaziUp communication, Internet Protocols as well as Gateway set up and configuration.

They were then divided into five groups and entered into a guided Ideation session by the facilitators. This enabled them to find out their focus areas as well as the various possibilities that they could explore to come up with creative and viable ideas.

The 5 groups that were formed are:

  • - Livestock tagging and tracking system
  • - Smart Data centre monitoring solution
  • - Flood detection system
  • - Automated irrigation system
  • - NavTech

The WAZIHUB IoT Innovation Programme was also introduced and participants were informed of the next phase of the program (Prototyping phase). It was expected that the participants advance their ideas and make real prototypes out of them. The @iLabAfrica incubator (@iBizAfrica) was also presented and participants were given a chance to take a brief tour of the centre.

Industry partners were invited to give their perspective of IoT adoption and use in the industry. Joel Muigai-Head of IoT Strategy from Liquid Telecom covered the topic: IoT Connectivity Landscape and Adoption in Kenya.

Ignatius Maranga from the Strathmore University Energy Research Centre (SERC), gave a talk about: “The energy Industry perspective and the need and usefulness of smart systems for this sector”. This helped participants open up their minds in finding solutions for the energy and environment sector from an expert. At the end of the training, presentations were made by all the groups. A jury that consisted of trainers, facilitators and industry experts was formed. This panel of judges helped determine the most viable solution presented based on pre-determined metrics.

The winning team was the Automated Irrigation System project team. The team members received gifts that would enable them to further advance their idea. On the last day of the bootcamp, participants, organizers and facilitators networked and learnt about each other. Certificates for the WAZIHUB bootcamp were also given.