WAZIUP offers “out-of-box” complete solutions from sensor nodes to applications. Our solutions are particularly adapted to tough conditions with low power, and long-range applications.


WaziDev is a development board with an embedded LoRa module that allows you to simply develop IoT sensor nodes as well as IoT actuator nodes. It is an ideal solution for startups and entrepreneurs who want to rapidly prototype their IoT applications.
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WaziGate is a powerful edge computing platform that enables you to run your applications locally even without an internet connection. It is the ideal IoT LoRa Gateway for your remote IoT applications. WaziGate can cover up to 100 IoT end devices using the LoRa radio network and can also offer the ability for actuation. WaziGate is an affordable solution for emerging countries' needs.
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WaziCloud offers a secure, modular and open platform that allows you to create and deploy your IoT applications in the cloud and on the edge computing gateway. Our open IoT cloud platform helps you to manage your users and their privacy, turn data into actionable insights and can handle unreliable and intermittent internet connection. WaziCloud gives a complete end-to-end WAZIUP experience and generated data can be sent, received, stored and analyzed with the possibility to use SMS or mobile application for notifications.
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The API documentation is available to explore and interact with all the endpoints of Waziup APIs with details for:
-The preliminaries
-How to access control
-The device management
-How to see the list of users
-How to connect you Gateway to Waziup platform
-How to create and manage notifications
-How to access the platform via MQTT
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IoT Development Kits

WAZIHUB provides free IoT Development kits to makers to facilitate the rapid prototyping of their solutions. It includes:

- 1 Waziup development board with embedded LoRa module (Wazidev)
- 1 USB cable
- 1 battery case
- 1 DHT sensor
- 10 jumper cables

The kit offers all the features to help developers & startups prototype and deploy their solutions rapidly.


The University of PAU in France developed online tutorials on Arduino, Sensors, and LoRa technologies. The main objective of these online tutorials is to provide comprehensive and guided training materials to be used in training, hackathons, bootcamps, entrepreneur's days,... that are organized by WAZIUP/WAZIHUB across Africa.
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